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FAQ List

Q    How do you decide who to put the spotlight on and what does it mean? 

A    We can put the spotlight on any local authority or organisation that has experience to share about the process towards employing people with learning disabilities. Whoever is under the spotlight will share a case study, keep a blog and post in the forum for a month. If you would like us to put the spotlight on your local authority or organisation for a month you can let us know by emailing
Q    How can I contribute to the forum? 

A    • Go to the forum page.
• Click where it says, ‘Join Forum’.
• Follow the instructions.
• When you get an email from us that means you are ready to start writing comments.

• Each board on the forum has a different title. If you want to start a new topic you first have to decide which board your topic would most fit in to.
• Once you have entered your chosen board you need to click ‘New Topic.’
• Write what you want to say in the white box and click ‘Post’.

• If you want to reply to another forum member’s topic you first need click the topic title.
• Click where it says ‘Reply’.
• Write what you want to say in the white box and click ‘Post.

Q    What is a blog? 

A    A blog is a diary that you write on the computer and share with people over the Internet. You can write down your thoughts, tell the world about your day or offer people advice. Blogs can be written in an informal style, as if you were writing or talking to a friend.

Q    Do I need to send my blog entries to you first or can I put them on the website myself? 

A    You can put your blogs on the website yourself. If you would like a blog you can email us at We will send you a username, password and a guide to blogging.
Q    What do the Forum Experts do? 

A    The Panel of Experts answer questions and offer advice to other forum members. They each have their own area of expertise.
Q    How do I become an Expert on the forum? 

A    If you would like to join our Panel of Experts you need to send a photograph of yourself and a short sentence about your job or experiences to
Q    How do I make the documents in the info section bigger? 

A    Once you have opened the document you want to read you can make the text bigger by clicking on the picture of the magnifying glass with the plus sign inside which says, ‘Zoom In’ below it.