How to write a resume!

To answer the question – how to write a resume correctly, how to write a good resume, how to write a resume that will give you advantages when applying for a job, first you need to have a good idea of ​​what a resume is, and of course – at least once look at a sample summary. Having learned the secret of a resume and skillfully applying the rules of resume writing, you will get a better chance of getting the desired job.

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So – what is a resume?

The resume was borrowed by us from the practice of European and American personnel management.

A resume is the first thing to have when looking for a job.

We can say that when applying for a job, the obligatory provision of a resume is one of the elements of modern rules of business etiquette, but at the same time, it is one of the most effective means of advertising on the labor market.

A summary is a short conclusion from what was said, written or read, concisely setting out the main provisions.

With regard to job search, a resume is a description of a person’s abilities that make him competitive in the labor market. It should reflect the three main qualities required of an employee: education, productivity and unlimited abilities. In some cases, you can find the abbreviation CV (Latin – Curriculum Vitae), which literally means “life story” or “life course” and is a resume of creative professionals; it presents the results of labor, while the place of work is not indicated. A resume style is more often aimed at obtaining a specific job, while a CV contains more detailed and structured information about a person’s career path. In the context of our time, a document designated CV or “resume” (French resume – a summary of the main content), not so much describes the professional life of the applicant but serves as the basis for an invitation to an interview. The resume carries a lot of positive things, both for the job seeker and for the employer. For a job seeker, “this is the perfect way to present yourself in the most favorable light, and for an employer, it is a kind of method of screening out inappropriate candidates.”

The purpose of a resume is to attract attention to yourself at the first, as usual, correspondence acquaintance, to make a favorable impression and encourage the employer to invite you to a personal meeting.

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This implies the main principle of writing a resume – to emphasize all the positive points and make as invisible as possible, which is not your strong point.

You need to write a resume like this:

  • so that the potential employer perceives that such a resume is the source of your curriculum vitae and information about your professional experience;
  • so that it would provide additional information that will interest the employer and allow you to prepare for a full interview with you;
  • so that such a resume would answer the question of whether you meet the requirements set by the employer for this job.