How to find a job for a university graduate?

The first problem facing the newly-minted university graduates is finding a job. Behind are difficult but interesting years of study, there is complete uncertainty ahead.

Many guys are not ready for a new stage of life. Ideally, you need to start thinking about where to go to work long before you get your degree. For those who have been dodging for several years, combining work with study, it will be much easier to find a good place for themselves. Work experience and acquired skills will speak for themselves. However, everyone else should not give up. If there is a desire, there will be work.

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Think about what field you would like to work in. Your profession does not always have to correspond to what is written in the diploma. For example, a Russian language teacher can try himself as an editor, and an engineer- mechanic – as electrical sales manager. This is a good opportunity for self-realization and disclosure of your own potential. Competent people are needed in all areas; sometime after starting work, they can count on a promotion. Try to find interesting opportunities to use your knowledge, skills, personal qualities. Maybe they can be combined with your hobbies – and then work will bring not only money but also pleasure.

What to do next

First, you need to browse specialized sites. There are not many of them and they are all very famous. Some of them are intended directly for university graduates. Learn to navigate these resources, thoroughly study all their functions and capabilities, so that you can take full advantage of them and not miss a single chance.

An important step is writing a resume. The more detailed and attractive it is, the better. Search the Internet for guidelines on how to write a resume or seek professional help. A well-written resume is half the battle. This is how an employer will make their first impression of you. And yet, don’t get carried away too much. It is very important to soberly assess your capabilities. If later it turns out that you do not correspond to what you declare on your resume, an unpleasant situation can hardly be avoided.

Online searches

Place your profile on job search sites. Check out new vacancies daily, leave responses to them. You can contact recruiting agencies. There are also forums created for people in specific professions. They always have a section dedicated to finding a job. In addition, on such forums, you can make a lot of useful acquaintances. You can also use social networks to find work. For example, a separate page with offers of various kinds of work for creative people.

Offline searches

But the internet isn’t the only way to find a job. Contact your friends, acquaintances, relatives. They will be happy to help you if they find something suitable. The more people know that you are looking for a job, the higher the likelihood of a positive search result. A lot depends on a good attitude and mutual assistance. Seize every opportunity that might define your future.

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There are job fairs for young graduates. They are a great opportunity to personally interact with representatives of various companies and impress them. Personal communication is always more effective than sending a resume over the Internet. Information about such events for the coming year is always available on the Internet.


Maybe you’re lucky and job offers will start coming in from the very first days. But there is a chance that you will have to wait a while before a suitable vacancy appears. It largely depends on the area in which you are going to work, because some professions are in demand more, others less.

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