Mistakes in your resume that make it impossible for you to get a job

An employee’s presentation does not start at an interview, as many believe. A resume is a tool that allows you to interest the employer, make him want to communicate in person. In order for a personal meeting to take place, applicants try to write everything that is possible about themselves, their skills, education. It makes sense: Knowledgeable and versatile people will grab the attention of every executive. There are times when a resume starts playing against the person who wrote it. Of course, typos or grammatical errors are out of the question: self-presentation should be completely devoid of them. There are not entirely obvious mistakes, but quite serious ones, which significantly reduce the chances of having live communication with a potential employer.

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Missing keywords

Several dozen resumes are sent to large companies for various vacancies. There is no physical possibility to view them manually at the first stage, therefore the search is used. The name of the position for which the employee is required is entered into it. It is logical to assume that this title must necessarily be contained in the resume: without it, the presentation of himself sent by the candidate will not even be read. Be sure to write in your resume the title of the position you want to get.

Abundance of information

Of course, in order to interest the employer, you must provide a lot of information about yourself, ranging from education to work experience and hobbies. But sometimes the applicant gets very carried away, writes a lot of details, among which the reader of the resume can simply skip important information. This is also provided that the main information is there at all: it so happens that they simply forget about them. It must be remembered that brevity is the sister of talent. It is also worth dividing the text of the resume into paragraphs, including lists there. This will make the document more readable.

Many stamps

In summary, many lists among their qualities responsibility, creativity, hard work and others. They do not characterize the applicant in any way, because they do not introduce any specifics. Such a resume will simply get lost in hundreds of others, and will not allow the applicant to arouse interest in his candidacy. Instead of these qualities, it is worth talking about the projects in which you took part, and describing the results obtained. This will give the reader of the resume a better idea of ​​the potential employee and his abilities.

Strange name or email

This is something that job seekers do not pay attention to, but employers look at. A candidate who sent a letter from a mailbox with the name Fox20 or Palata6 is unlikely to inspire confidence in the employer. For business letters, you should create a separate mail, where the real name and surname of the candidate will be indicated. This will help you come across as a serious person.

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Missing cover letter

Information about personal qualities, professional skills, work experience may not be enough. You can include something in your cover letter that cannot be covered in a standard resume form. It should contain several suggestions from the applicant about why he is suitable for working in the company in the proposed position.

A resume, its preparation should be taken as seriously as possible. If it is drawn up correctly, then there will definitely be a suitable job. And it is worth spending some time on compiling it.

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