The first days of work in the organization: what to ask the manager

Having come to work in any organization, a person seeks to establish contact with his management, since it is they who make key decisions in the company. This is the right approach because a good relationship with the boss is the key to a successful career, the ability to calmly carry out their job duties.
Of course, questions in the process of work will arise. In the first days of work, there will be especially many of them: for yourself, you need to clarify some points, the nuances of responsibilities. But there are some questions that you should definitely ask your manager not only to clarify something but also to make a positive impression on him.

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Who should you talk to during the first days of work?

This question will help you understand who is able to bring up to date. The boss himself will tell you something, but there are people who are directly involved in the process of activities. They can provide comprehensive information on what and how to do. Such a question will make it clear to the boss that the employee is ready not only to fulfill his duties, but also to establish relations with the whole team, to work in a team, which is important for achieving a good work result.

Are there any assignments at the moment?

This question will help the employee get on with their duties faster. In the early days, the management may not know whether a newcomer can be entrusted with a particular task, because it is necessary to take a closer look at the person. Taking the initiative in this way, you can show your willingness to accept responsibilities, increase your reputation in the eyes of the manager, because he, however, like everyone else, loves when the process of delegating authority becomes easier.

What do you have to do in a month, six months, a year?

The received answer to such a question will allow the employee to suggest what contribution he can make to the cause, to assess his capabilities. This question can be used to show the boss that he has long-term plans: he will understand that the employee wants to stay on the job, that he can be counted on.

What time can I contact you?

A new employee definitely needs to know the schedule of his manager, because, in order to successfully resolve issues, it is necessary to select the time when there will be an opportunity to calmly discuss everything. For the employer, the sound of such a question will mean that the employee values ​​his own and other people’s time, is ready to reckon with the people with whom he works.

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Which communication is preferred?

Someone likes to communicate and resolve issues in personal meetings, someone is more comfortable using the phone or writing letters by e-mail. By using the manager’s preferred communication option, the employee can increase the chances that their suggestions will be heard. Such a question tells the manager that his opinion and preferences are taken into account.

All these questions will allow you to establish interaction as quickly as possible, find a common language with the leader. Over time, you can be interested in how the boss is doing. Don’t do this often, but you can ask this question from time to time. Of course, being interested in the state of affairs of the head, it will not be possible to immediately advance in the service, to achieve a salary increase. But it will definitely help to reach a new level of trust and come to an understanding.
When communicating with a boss, you need to remember the main thing: if you show goodwill, respect, be positive, then you will not have to wait long for reciprocity in response.

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